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Five Best Atlanta Escapes Without Leaving The City

Looking for an much needed escape in Atlanta, Ga, without having to leave the city?  How about coming face to face inside an beluga habitat  or exploring gorgeous landscape loop trails hidden inside the city of Atlanta….escape inside the ATL!

Five Best Atlanta Escapes

You no longer have to ever worry about leaving the city again to escape for relaxation and thrills.

1. Georgia Aquarium’s Beluga Interaction Program

During this unique interaction, you’ll suit up and stand waist-deep in a beluga habitat alongside beluga whale trainers. This intimate and interactive session allows participants to form emotional connections with these magnificent animals that inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world.

2. Lullwater Park

Lullwater Park offers many scenic walking and running trail loops nestled within Emory University’s North Decatur campus near Atlanta. The Lullwater Trail passes the Lullwater House mansion, skirts Candler Lake and crosses a span bridge to explore mill beside a tumbling spillway waterfall in a beautiful, wildlife-rich forest.

3. Zoo Atlanta’s Treetop Trail

Experience the Zoo from the perspective of planet’s amazing animal tree-dwellers! Zig, zag, climb, walk, and balance as you navigate a series of rope ladders, bridges, nets and tightrope-style foot lines on a two-level challenge. Participants will be safely secured and tethered with full-body harness and lanyard to an overhead tracking system.

4. Museum of Design Atlanta 

MODA’s mission is to advance the understanding and appreciation of design as the convergence of creativity and functionality through exhibitions, education, and programming for visitors of all ages.

5. Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Cocktails in the Garden

Mix and mingle at the most beautiful cocktail party in the city! Featuring a specific area of the Garden each month, enjoy a specialty cocktail, live music, themed games and activities while exploring The Curious Garden at night during this after-hours social.


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