David Buer Talks Simple Exercises to Copy Hollywood Body Styles

Before you know it spring will arrive, so right now during these warm winter months you still have time to get into shape. Everybody has been talking about how fab and fit the celebs looked walking the red carpets lately. Would you just kill for a body like some of the top celebrities?
Well our very own Atlanta celebrity trainer David Buer has some advice on how to get celebrity results with simple exercises.
According to David:
Try this total-body, circuit workout that consists of five super effective multi-joint, combination exercises that can be performed anywhere, including your home, office, hotel room or in an outdoor setting using nothing but a couple of dumbbells or bottles of water. These exercises will help you get a trimmer waistline and improve your muscle tone, without ever spending a day at the gym or your life savings on a celebrity trainer or D bal.

Perform 10-20 reps of each exercise in sequence with limited rest between sets. Keep your rest periods under 60 seconds. Complete 2-5 rotations through circuit depending on your current level of fitness.”

Wow! Can’t wait to try these tips out sounds like I might not have to workup a sweat. David truly knows his stuff. Thanks a million.

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