Best Ice Cream In Atlanta Chic Treats

The best ice cream can be found right here in Atlanta! Where you will find chic treats taking ice cream to new levels for voluptuousness of taste delight. No ordinary experience when it comes to serving cool sweet sensations, the expectations are high. It’s no wonder these shops have lines with crowds and connoisseurs of ice cream standing outside waiting just to taste the best flavors in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Best Ice Cream In Atlanta

Best Ice Cream In Atlanta Top Atlanta Luxury

In Atlanta ice cream is a craft completed with skilled preparation made with the best quality ingredients. These are the top ice cream shops in metro Atlanta, Georgia:

#1 I-CE-NY Atlanta 

Uniquely smooth and fun texture. A distinctive freezing technique for creating ice cream that is creamy and smooth by balancing the size of ice crystals and air in the ice cream. Customizing your order with mix-in ingredients, such as fresh fruits or your favorite candy bar, enhances your experience, giving you a texture you’ll keep coming back for!

#2 Jeni’s Ice Cream Atlanta 

jenis top atlanta luxury 2

Devoted to making better ice creams and bringing people together. They believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience, and get continuously better at the same time. That REALLY great ice cream served perfectly in a sparkling and beautiful space, with attentive and in-the-moment service (they believe service is an art) brings people together and helps them connect. And that sometimes sparks fly. And that there should be more sparks flying, generally. This is ice cream to make people feel good!

Jeni's Atlanta Top Atlanta Luxury

#3 Queen Of Cream

Queen Of Cream main Top Atlanta Luxury

They started out with one ice cream cart, one 100 sq ft kitchen, and the best ingredients they could get their hands on. Sourcing dairy locally and using fresh, real ingredients for flavors, they are able to create some of the best ice cream around. Queen Of Cream take ice cream making very, very seriously. No pre-made ice cream mixes here! Taking the time and effort to pasteurize their own base.  This is the only shop to do so,  and they would not have it any other way.  Doors opened in 2015, their dream ice cream shop was born! Even added coffee and pastries to the list of offerings, treating both with the same attention to detail, and of course, making everything in house from scratch. A beautiful bright place where homemade ice cream and wonderfully prepared coffee can be enjoyed with friends as it has been enjoyed in parlor for years.

Queen Of Cream Top Atlanta Luxury

#4 Revolution Gelato

Revolution Gelato Top Atlanta Luxury Atlanta Best Ice Cream

This is luxurious dairy-free gelato that lets you “have it all”… a delicious, healthier, planet-friendly dessert. They want you to know what’s in their food, and go to great lengths to make sure that the ingredients they use in their gelato fit high standards for taste and integrity. So it’s only right that they extend the same transparency to you. Where a number of the ingredients used come from some amazing producers they want to support, they are happy to help spread the love.

Revolution Gelato Top Atlanta Luxury 1 Best Atlanta Ice Cream

#5 196 Ice Cream

196 Ice Cream main Top Atlanta Luxury 2 Best Atlanta Ice Cream

Their secret to creamy ice cream is the rapid freezing of the fat and water particles. The faster the ice cream can be frozen, the fewer ice crystals that can form, the creamier the concoction. Safety “Ingredients” Liquid Nitrogen boils at −196 ℃. Which means, holy guacamole that is cold!

196 Ice Cream Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

#6 8 Fahrenheit

8 Fahrenheit Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

Their ideas are very simple: to break the traditional concept of ice cream, but also providing an entertaining and healthy delicious ice cream. Chance to see in Thailand Thai fried ice cream, to be innovative on this basis, they will launch a variety of flavors of ice cream, people of all ethnic groups in line with the taste.To break the traditional concept of ice cream, but also providing an entertaining and healthy delicious ice cream. The goal is to introduce Thai fried ice cream to people and to have 8 Fahrenheit ice cream shop across the country.

8 Fahrenheit main Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

#7 Jake’s Ice Cream 

Jake’s Ice Cream Top Atlanta Luxury

The best tasting ice cream in a trendy location “Old 4th Ward” now one of the hottest communities in Metro Atlanta and Jake’s had a part in this.  Jake’s uses the freshest ingredients possible for an all-natural, wholesome product with no preservatives or additives. Where most ice cream companies add volume by adding air into the ice cream, Jake’s believes its 18 percent butterfat content—the highest you’ll find in any ice cream—results in a superior tasting product that is more satisfying. And, most important to their customers, you won’t find flavors like these anywhere else.

Jakes Ice Cream Store Top Atlanta Luxury

#8 Morelli’s Ice Cream

Morelli's Ice Cream Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

Unique and exotic flavors, blending gourmet ingredients, with fun and unlimited imagination. Just one bite and you’ll taste the creamy difference that makes this Atlanta’s FAVORITE ice cream. Super duper, ultra premium, densely textured, homemade ice cream!

Morelli's Ice Cream main Top Atlanta Luxury

#9 Vintage Frozen Custard

Vintage Frozen Custard Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

Vintage Frozen Custard’s premium frozen custard is made fresh daily–sometimes several times each day–and is served at the ideal temperature to please your palate. Their old-fashioned custard is continuously fed into a freezing barrel and the mix is rapidly frozen with very little air and small ice crystals. This creates frozen custard that is velvety smooth with a rich flavor.

Vintage Frozen Custard main Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

#10 Kilwins Atlantic Station

Kilwins Atlantic Station Top Atlanta Luxury Best Atlanta Ice Cream

Kilwins Atlantic Station offers the best in Chocolates and Ice Cream in all of Atlanta! Everyday they hand-make their Fudge, Chocolates, and Corns & Brittles to perfection. As you enter the door, you’ll be greeted with freshly-made Waffle Cones and the smell of Caramel, hand-crafted Fudge and Chocolates filling the air.

Kilwins Atlantic Station main Top Atlanta Luxury

Tell us about your fave ice cream spots in metro Atlanta…Enjoy! 

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